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The CirNavSys:



ca. 90 MB

the Circuit Navigation System for Windows and Unix

The free version of the Circuit Navigation System, available to download, unzip, install and run.

How to do that:  We have an instruction how to install and to set up the CirNavSys as video on youtube  or as image series on our website.

Also, please write a feedback message, via this feedback form


In order to get the full version of the CirNavSys, please download the free version here, and then upgrade it to the full version in our shop.

Additional links:

2: Java

The CirNavSys is a java program. You need a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or a Java Development Kit (JDK) to use it.

You can download JREs or JDKs from one of the following links:

A: The Oracle JDK, from the software company Oracle Inc. at

B: The Open JDK, an open source alternative JDK at , or

C: A JRE from


3: KiCad

The CirNavSys is a program for the simulation of electric circuits. You probably want to create your own circuit files. Therefor you need a circuit editor.

The CirNavSys is compatible to circuit files from the schematic editors KiCad, and QUCS and EAGLE, but the degree of compatibility is the highest with KiCad.

How to use KiCad together with CirNavSys: We have an instruction video on youtube exactly for that.