Company - vision

B&W Road

The CirNavSys was developed to teach electrical engineering to mankind faster and easier than was possible before.
The integrated representation of circuit diagrams shall replace curve diagrams just like navigation systems once replaced road maps. To understand the comparison to road maps, you might want to watch our video about that analogy on youtube.

Also you might want to read more details about the vision on our page.

Company - current status


The program was created and automatically creates images as this one. A free version can be downloaded from our website. Upgrades to the premium version can be purchased in our store.


However, the program and its advantages are not yet known well to the public. Changing that is the next big challenge. Therefore we are looking for partners for further development, see at cooperation sections below.

You might want to read this FAQ document in german language to find out more details about the current status.

Company - contact

Dish Antenna

You can find us via our contact details, or more briefly:

Ingenieurbüro Benedikt Sessler

In der Grub 7

D-78343 Gaienhofen

Cooperation - companies

Business Handshake

CirNavSys is looking for cooperation with other companies and individuals to promote the Circuit Navigation System worldwide and increase sales.

If you are a representative of a company that might want take over the CirNavSys in order to distribute it on your own, you might be interested in reading this document in english language or in german language.

Cooperation - individual persons


CirNavSys is seeking to cooperate with individual persons in order to get the Circuit Navigation System known worldwide, and to increase sale numbers.

If you are an individual person who is looking for a job, you might be interested in the following openings:



The "team" behind the Circuit Navigation System consists of only one man at the moment.

Find out more about him here. When the team size increases in the future, you will find more persons described.


The Circuit Navigation System is a computer program and a completely new way to understand electric circuits.

Read a short introduction about how the CirNavSys makes it easy to understand electric circuits in english language or  in german language.