The Circuit Navigation System

01 The CNS is...

The CNS is a circuit analysis program. You can analyze electric circuits with the CNS and get the current and voltage values.

But unlike all the other programs, the CNS does not simply give you a screen full ofline graphs and then leaves you alone when it comes to finding out what the circuit really does.

02 The CNS does...

Instead, the CNS shows you where to find which voltage and where to find which current.

It does so by integrating the currents and voltages directly into the circuit diagram as scaled graphical elements.

So you can directly see, which voltage is at which node, and which current flows through which wire.

03 The CNS helps...

Coordinating components of the circuit and lines of the graph once has been the most time consuming and most exhausting task in every circuit analysis.

But now with the CNS it's simply done by a machine!

You don't need to do that in your head anymore, now you can concentrate on the circuit, and understand what's going on easier and faster.

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